25th February - Mentha diemenica - Slender Mint

Mentha diemenica

Occurs in grassland and forest habitats from the Mt Lofty Ranges in South Australia (where it is rare), throughout Victoria and Tasmania, and north to the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. It is a strongly suckering plant which in cold, dry conditions may become dormant, but when growing vigorously forms a dense ground cover 10-15 cm high.

In cultivation, M. diemenica grows well in a slightly damp site in either reasonably heavy shade or full sun. In good conditions in a rockery it may become invasive and thus should be contained in a rock pocket or regularly controlled by removing suckers. It is a desirable plant between drive strips or near stepping stones where its fragrant aroma is noticed when it is trodden on.

Propagation is easy from cuttings taken at any time when the plant is growing vigorously, or by division when rooted pieces may be removed and re-established in a new situation. These new plants must be kept moist after transplanting.

Flowers November - February.