20th June - Little River Sanctuary

Little River Earth Sanctuary was an exciting ecosystem restoration and ecotourism project developed by Earth Sanctuaries Ltd. The sanctuary property (1185 hectares) was situated at the northern end of the You Yangs Ranges. The elevated site had excellent views of the Melbourne CBD skyline, the You Yangs, the Brisbane Ranges and Port Phillip Bay. Being only 50 minutes from Melbourne and 30 minutes from Geelong, Little River Earth Sanctuary was convenient for Victorian, interstate and international tourists.

Staff were appointed and the massive effort needed to turn the former sheep-grazing and cereal-growing pasture into a sustainable “Earth Sanctuary” was commenced.

A number of species of animals were re-introduced including the long-nosed potoroo, rufous bettong, brush-tailed bettongs, southern brown bandicoots and eastern quolls were introduced.

However the most exciting reintroduction was a colony of southern brush-tailed rock-wallabies rescued from extermination by the New Zealand wildlife authorities, who were clearing them off an off-shore island because they were introduced ferals.

Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby

Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby