5th June - Agaricus arvensis - Horse Mushroom

Argaricus arvensis

There are two species of Agaricus which yellow on bruising.

One fairly small (up to two inches in diameter) with a strong fragrant odour. This is Agaricus arvensis var. fragrans. I have never eaten this one because of its fragrance. I do not know whether it is edible or not.

Agaricus Arvensis (pictured) stains slightly yellow on bruising, grows 200 mm diameter and is excellent to eat.

Agaricus xanthodermus and Agaricus xanthodernus var. antibioticus stain brightly yellow on damaging. They have a faint iodine odour and are reported to cause sickness on eating although some people seem to be unaffected. I have never tried them since I do not like the smell.