19th February - Euchiton sphaericus - Star Cudweed

Euchiton sphaericus

Erect annual herb 5–50 cm high, rarely biennial.

Basal leaves obovate, with narrowed base and obtuse apex, soon withering; cauline leaves oblanceolate to spathulate or narrow-elliptic, 1–7 cm long, 3–14 mm wide, apex obtuse to acute and mucronate, base narrowed, margins recurved and often undulate, lamina flat, midvein distinct, upper surface green and glabrous to slightly cobwebby, lower surface white- or green-tomentose.

Heads 1–1.5 mm diam., in a dense globose terminal cluster subtended by 5–8 leafy bracts far exceeding the heads, smaller clusters occasionally in upper axils; involucral bracts elliptic to linear, acute, glabrous, green near the base, straw-coloured and scarious above, sometimes tinged purple.

Flowers most of the year.