8th February - Casytha glabella - Slender Dodder-laurel

Cassytha glabella

Twining parasitic perennial, partly autotrophic, with branched filiform stems attached by small elliptical haustoria; scale-like leaves clasping the stem of its host. Its host range is fairly broad.

This plant is used by the Brahmins of Southern India for seasoning their buttermilk. Crushed with gengelly oil, this plant is used in India as a head wash for strengthening the hair. The whole plant pulverised, and mixed with dry ginger and butter, is used in the cleaning of inveterate ulcers in India. The juice of the plant, mixed with sugar, is occasionally applied to inflamed eyes. It is used in native practice as an alternative i bilious affections, and for piles (Maiden).

Flowers November - February..

I think this plant must have been controlled by grazing. It now tends to be a bit vigorous.

The mower seems to be the best management tool.