10th August - Pterostylis curta - Blunt Greenhood

Pterostylis Curta

The blunt greenhood  is a very widespread orchid. In South Australia it occurs in the southern Flinders Ranges, the Mt Lofty Ranges and the south-east. It grows 10-20 cm high with leaves as a basal rosette. It multiplies by bulb division and can form large clumps.

Flowering occurs from July through to October. It is one of the first greenhoods, with a basal rosette, to flower at Wirrapunga.

Its main threat is being overgrown by other species. It is also a target of snails and slugs. 

The blunt greenhood seems to prosper providing it is given the right habitat. This means that it is important that enough suitable events occur so that it is not crowded out by more virulent species.