WIRRAPUNGA - "Bush for the Goddess of Small Plants"

Wirrapunga from the air

Description: Wirrapunga is approximately 1.4 hectares (3.5 acres) of remnant grassy woodland situated in the Aldgate Valley, Adelaide Hills, South Australia. It slopes gently to the north. South of the house it is skeletal clay loam over sandstone rock. The rock shelf surfaces just north of the house. North of this is deep sandy soil. This gives a number of habitats and potentially, a rich plant diversity.

History: Up until 1970, it was part of a cattle grazing paddock. Except for about 0.2 hectares on the northern end, which was once a cultivated garden, the block was not cleared or improved. In 1980 a house was built causing a great deal of damage to the remnant grassy woodland. In 1996 the block was purchased by the present owners who now live in the house and care for the land.

Present Management: Since grassy woodland is one of our most endangered habitats, the decision was made to attempt to restore the site, other than the 0.2 hectares caused by the habitation footprint. Since the restoration has been so successful it was decided to commence a log of the work and hence this blog.

Future: Over the next few years we plan to document the story of this amazing hectare we have called Wirrapunga. Wirra is aboriginal for bush and Apunga is the Goddess of small plants.

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