Proo's Poem


-------Glossodia Major --------------King Spider Orchid------------Queen Spider Orchid------



It was the end of day,
A golden light filled the air
As Glossodia major
Cleared her voice….

“On  behalf of the
Caladenia tentaculata
Caladenia leptochila
All who live in Wirrapunga

We wish to thank
The following people”

“The firefighting
Sausage sizzlers,
Bird box makers,
Daisy plant sellers,
Snake holders,
Sign writers,
Art sellers,
Scone Sellers,
Gate takers
All who helped
Make the Open Garden
At Wirrapunga
A success”

Glossodia major continued

“It is important
The world know
Just how vulnerable
Our existence is”

Here Glossodia

Then the King spoke…

“We wish to especially
Thank John for fighting
The invaders so that
We may survive”

As the King finished
Speaking the sun
Dipped below the
Horizon and
Darkness fell.

The Open Garden
Weekend was over.


©  Proo Geddes
Midnight 22nd September 2013.